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Pak Pani

As part of the Pak Pani Project, KRT is deploying the EPA certified, 99.9% effective (at removing viruses, bacteria and parasites) LifeStraw Family Instant Microbial Purifiers to all flood affected regions. KRT will deploy 50,000 purifiers to provide up to 10 million liters of purified drinking water per day.

The LifeStraw Family Instant Microbial Purifier has a number of innovative features that make it the most effective solution for this issue of unsafe drinking water:

  • Has a high flow rate that allows for instant access to purified water
  • Requires no electrical power or batteries.
  • Easy to clean and maintain by users.
  • Easy to ship, carry and store.
  • 99.9999% effective in removing bacteria, 99.99% effective in removal of water-borne viruses and 99.9% effective in removing parasites present in the untreated water.
  • Very effective even with highly turbid water
  • May be used with any kind of water source, tapped or running water

Aside from its features, studies have shown that the LifeStraw Family Instant Microbial Purifier has been highly successful in Congo and other Sub-Saharan countries in terms of user-acceptance rate. Hence, making it an effective solution to this devastating issue that exists in flood affected areas that have been identified by the Pak Pani Project.

Pak Pani - Donation

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PKR 2,500/- (USD 29/-) per filter

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Title : KRT Pak Pani
AC# : 0786-79007284-03